Amazon is giving chance to win Rs 10000 daily, how?

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Amazon is giving chance to win Rs 10000 daily, how?


Amazon is giving chance to win Rs 10000 daily, how? As you all know Amazon is today’s most searched and mostly used online portal to buy and sell things online. Amazon keeps on making its brand identity and brings mostly attractive quizzes and offers to win money, cash prizes and cash cards.

Now amazon launches a new scheme i.e. a quiz in which you have to only give answers to certain questions and you will be one eligible for winning rs 10000. Isn’t it amazing?

About the Amazon daily quiz

In this quiz you have give answer to certain questions. The questions are basically general based and current affairs based.

The amount of money for prize is different for each day. Today on 25th April, 2022 the prize money is Rs 10000.

If you enter the quiz and gives the correct answer then you are eligible for winning the amount. The winner of today will be announced tomorrow on daily basis. The announcement of winner is done through lucky draw.

The winner will get the amount in Amazon pay balance.

How to enter Amazon daily quiz?

To participate in Amazon daily quiz you must install the app on your device. You can download the app from Google Play Store or apple store.

Now after installing the app, goto the menu and select program and features.

step 1 to enter in Amazon daily quiz
step 1 to enter in Amazon daily quiz

Now after doing this you have to scroll down and click on Fun zone.

Step 2 to enter Amazon daily quiz
Step 2 to enter Amazon daily quiz

Now select the quiz and this way you enter the quiz and 5 questions will be displayed to you which are provided with 4 options. You have to choose the correct answer and if any one of the answer gets wrong then you will not be able to enter the quiz.

Amazon daily basis quiz


Answer of the quiz questions of Amazon daily basis 25 April, 2022

  1. Who won the Man of the Series as Bangladesh recently beat South Africa in an ODI series played in South Africa?

Correct Answer- Taskin Ahmed

  1. Who among these wrote the Story for the movie ‘RRR’?

Answer- Vijayendra Prasad

  1. Crew-4 led by Kjell Lindgren will fly to the international space station in a Dragon Capsule from SpaceX named what?

Answer Freedom

  1. This famous US President’s father was a senior economist in the government of which country?

Answer- Kenya

  1. What is a psychological condition when people have a fear of being detached from this device called?

Answer- Nomophobia

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