Backlink what is? Backlink in SEO – through semrush for finding free backlink and getting high rank in google

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Backlink in simple language is link from other website that links to my website. For example my website name is Their are other website say that have links inside that points to me If someone searching on and clicks on the link that points to my website It is called backlink.

Why should I have backlink or what is the need of backlink?

Backlinks are the one of the major reason to rank high in google as Google algorithm works on this principle also. How much and the sources of acquiring the backink is also taken into consideration. The backlink shows the trustworthiness and credibility to the site and so increase the presence in search engine and hence increase the organic traffic to website.

How to acquire backlink?

Today I will recommend SEMRUSH as the one of the powerful and most easy to use tool for all seo tools and for backlink building. Moreover it provides all features for free only. Also their is 14 day trial or want to purchase to upgrade for having more features.

How Semrush help in getting backlink?

Semrush is a very easy tool to get backlink. Even you can even track your backlink profile. Say you have 80 backlink and your competitor is having 90 backlinks, so just by acquiring 10-15 backlinks you can beat the competition. That a different topic for backlink gap, I

Just go to Semrush, login and then go to dashboard. You will reach here.

In the dashboard, with in the competitive reasearch click on link building tool.

You will find this page.

Then enter domain name or project name for which you want backlinks.

After this add upto 10 keywords for which backlinking is to be done.

Then add upto 10 competitors of yours.

Then after doing this may take some hours to get the whole reports to be displayed. Then it will be displayed showing domain prospects and all. From here go to prospects tab.

Then select the link you want to get backlink from. Remember AS determines the domain authority score which defines credibility of the website. Higher is AS score more difficult is to get backlink and if you succeed in doing more your website is searchable. As the incoming link is from a very high trusty, worthy site.

Semrush not just offer this. There are more, semrush allows you to send the email directly to the link you want to get backlink from from many different outreach strategies including

  • Manual link
  • Directory/Catalogue
  • Add link to article
  • Product reviewLink from mention
  • Guest post
  • Recover lost backlinks

Now after selecting the desired site link for building link choose the appropriate outreach strategy. Then click on update prospects.

Now go to next step that is, In progress tab.

Their you will find the complete report for the corresponding site domains that you have selected before with their outreach strategy that you have selected and the stairs as well. Now click on email green button to send. Youu will reach here.

Now you will see a inbuilt pattern of mail over there. Semrush will ask for the mail id that you want to send email. Please check the boxes, also provide your email id as a permission for semrush for sending emails on your behalf as you donot have to leave semrush you can go head from there.Then write a suitable subject.

In the body part write your domain with the domain page url that you want backlink for . Including the lines which shows the interest of the corresponding website interest in your website link. Then click on send

Now go to monitor tab.

you will get complete reports their, of your broken link or lost link or acquired link.

Have Good Luck.


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