Everything about Blog – How long should a blog post be 2022? and much more.

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2What should be the length of blog in 2022?

The blog post’s length is an important factor in SEO to rank high in search results. Longer post rank higher than shorter posts. The ideal length of blog posts is 7 minutes. However, it should have a minimum of 300 words to be able for ranking and longer posts i.e. above 1000 words have higher chances of ranking.


How long should pillar pages be?

Before knowing about the length of pillar pages, first know about what are pillar pages? Pillar pages are the pages that contains all the content or information that can a user demand for a particular keyword. As they covers all aspects of data. So, they are typically long as compared to normal blog posts.  The length of pillar pages should be more than 2000 words.


How long should “how-to” blog posts be?

“How to ”  blog posts I mean to say that starts with “how to” word. It becomes easier when we know the exact nature of posts. As the length of blog posts typically depends upon the nature of data that it contains. The length of how to blog posts should be in between 1700 to 2000 words.


How long should a blog post be for seo?

For search Engine Optimization the blog length is an important factor. Everyone wants to be in search, but will at the top. I am discussing here one important factor to deal with. Longer the blog posts more the chances for getting at the top. But the question arises how long should the length of blog posts be for SEO? The best blog length should be in between 1750 to 2400 words.

 How long should a blog post be

How long should “what is” blog posts be?

The length of “what is ” blogs are short as compared to “how to ” blogs. The length of “what is ” blog should be on between 1300-1700 words.


What should be the size of font used in blog post?

Choosing the right font size is most important keystep in boosting readers. Your blog should have readable font. Not too large nor too small. The ideal blog post should have a minimum of 14-18 pts. Font size.

Which font should be used in the blog?

Choosing the right font has great effect on visibility of website or blog. Their are many fonts available for making good looking blog. Donot overuse them. No font is perfect. No font works for every mood and can convey all tones and voice that the designed visual communication may need. Just stick with at most 2 fonts. Various fonts that I will recommend are.

  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Helvetica
  • Courier New
  • Verdana

Does font size affect SEO?

The short answer is No. Font size has no effect on seo. It rather affect the blog visitors readability which is concerned with engagement.

Do font affect SEO?

Font does not affect SEO. Rather it influence the way by which the visitors interact with the blog.

How often should I post on blog?

posting consistently is necessary for content marketing to work. The frequency really matters. You should publish regularly a minimum of two or four in a week provides the highest results in terms of both traffic and conversions.

Should blog posts have dates?

Everyone has different views regarding this. Someone posters said including the date is right approach. Some says, it is ok whether to include or not. While some says that it should not be included. No particular opinion about this.

On what days of week should I post to get maximum reach?


One of the study says that Monday and Thursday are the best days. It further went on to reveal that publishing early morning on these two days around 7 AM will increase your chances of getting the most inbound links.

How long before blog gets traffic?

If you’ve just started blogging for your business, chances are the domain for your blog is brand new. Older domains with high reputation i.e. DA, PA are given high ranking by the search engine’s algorithm, so it’s a good rule of thumb to allow around six months to really start gaining attraction from search engines.

How many posts are required to launch a blog?

I recommend that you should have a minimum of 3-5 posts. So that their is something ready for visitors to interact with.

What should be the size of the image used in blog post?

Including image in post has greater effect on seo. As an image worth a thousand words. Google algorithm also works on same principle. Post having images are more likely to get rank higher than the image having no image. Also the alt text field of image has a great effect in google search engine crawling mechanism. The size comes in the issue. The size should be appropriate. Using too large image will slower down the speed of site and if you choose too small, then fitting it into appropriate frame it needs to get streched which are mostly built in mechanism which results in blurring of image. Relevant file size: Large images or full-screen background images should not be more than 1 MB. The most acceptable WordPress featured image size is 1200 x 628 pixels and these dimensions generally satisfy most WordPress blog themes. Different blogs may have featured images with different sizes.

How much blog posts are required before applying for Google Adsense?

I recommend a minimum of 15-20 posts before applying for Google adsense for fast approval.

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