Google’s new policy – Remove your personal information online on Google

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Google’s new policy – Remove your personal information online on Google


Google’s new policy – Remove your personal information online on Google. Google has launched its new policy. Under this policy user is allowed to delete his personal information available online.

For example if in google search results. If any of your personal details like photo, phone number, address or email id appears and which you don’t want it to appear publicly in search results. Now google’s new policy allows you to remove your personal details which you don’t want.

Google’s new policy details

If you are worried about your personal details which appear in search result of google. The new update of google is a very interesting and good news to update your information or remove your personal data online from search results.

Benefits of google new policy

Now with the launch of new policy details, now the user details are somewhat more secured and this is a great interesting feature for the privacy point of view off the user.

Sometimes, the user feel worried about the privacy because of the personal details available online.

Why Google’s new policy is developed

Google’s policy head Michelle chang has said that whenever you search for your name, house address pone number etc. On Google, it becomes available online. This is a question on privacy. To make google more secured platform in terms of security and privacy of user, new policy is developed.

What details will be removed by Google?

As According to policy update, the user is allowed to hide details that are more susceptible to fraud and any harm to you.

How to use google new policy update to remove personal data?

If you want to remove your personal data from Google. You need to mail on Google helpline email id.

after that google will review your application mail and remove the personal information and will provide you feedback.

Will personal information be removed from all platforms like Bing, Yahoo, google?

No, as this is the update of only google platform policy. The update is allowed for Google’s users only. The personal information will be deleted from Google only on demand, but not from other platforms.

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