How does Amazon registry works?

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How does Amazon registry works


This post includes the complete details about Amazon registry and how does Amazon registry works? As all of you known a very well known Amazon online e-store. You can sell over their, but how?

What is Amazon Registry?

Amazon Registry retains the list of all favourite shopping items in one single list of one kind that allows your friends and family members your choices and likes according to brands. Isn’t it interesting ? Amazon baby registry, Amazon wedding registry are some of common Amazon registry. Amazon registry provides not only the of all at one single place, but also provides huge discounts, free samples, simple return policies and free two day shipping on registry items and much more.

Benefits of using Amazon registry

Their are many benefits of using Amazon registry :-

  • List all shopping brands items at one single place.
  • Easy return policies
  • Some provides free samples which includes welcome box. It is an amazing surprised fun. It gives you free samples of the brand’s that you are sure not to buy. Contains products that you can test price worth not more than 35$. To use this, you must met certain conditions.
  • If you purchase within two day of making registry, shipping will be completely free. But this free two day shipping is only for prime members. If you are a prime member, then your order value must be greater than 25$ in order to achieve free shipping.
  • If someone gifts you and you want to return it, you can return without letting the gifter to know about it. And the amount gets credited in yours.
  • Their is an universal registry feature which allows you to add items that are not on Amazon.

How does Amazon registry works? 

Amazon registry works by following steps

  1. share the list with family members and friends. You can get the link of share by found to registry and then click on share button as Shown in image.
Share button of Amazon registry
share button of Amazon registry

2. After clicking on share button you will get the direct share button to social media like Facebook, instagram , pinterest etc. And also you will get the direct url if you want to send it personally.

Amazon registry share links
Amazon registry share links

3. Other way to find your registry is through your registry name or email. For this go to find other registry in the menu and you will get form like interface.

Find other registry
Find another registry

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