How does Amazon registry works?

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What is Amazon registry welcome box?

Amazon registry welcome box contains free samples of the products for parents and baby. The parents are eligible to use baby registry welcome box products samples before applying on baby. As this welcome box is free, it will definitely contains some rules to be followed. To use this free welcome box customer must be active Amazon prime member and must purchase 60 percent of their list of Amazon registry and minimum 10$ purchase.

How long does Amazon registry lasts? 

The time for which Amazon registry remains active is different for different kind of registered. Likewise, Amazon baby registry the date for completion discount become active on 60 days before the arrival date which you entered while making the registry. And it continues to last after 60 days after arrival of baby.

For Amazon wedding registered, their is no expiry date for the registry. It will remain active and you have to manually close it. But the return date of Amazon wedding registry is 180 days after you receive the products.

Types of Amazon registry

  1. Amazon baby registry
  2. Amazon holiday gift registry
  3. Amazon wedding registry
  4. Amazon custom gift registry
  5. Amazon birthday registry

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