How to display Posts in a Grid Layout in WordPress site

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WordPress plugin to display posts in grid layout

You have a website, and you have published post like this.

And now you want to display these posts in grid layout like this manner.

Which looks more organized and helps visitors to easily go through your posts and find out what they are looking for. Now look at the website page which contains posts and we want to change the layout of displaying posts in grid manner.

This includes 4 steps:-

  1. Install “Content View” Plugin in WordPress


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To install the plugin, go to wordpress dashboard. Then click on plugins and then add new. Now in search bar type “content view”. You will find this.

Then click on istall for installing the plugin and then click on activate. Once you have installed the plugin, go to second step.

2. Create a layout for your posts

To create a layout, click on content view and then click on add new. You will find this.

For adding new layout, just go to dashboard. Click on content view and then add new. Now you have to give name to the new layout. Then choose according to your requirement whether you want grid layout for category or sort by options etc. Then go to display settings. Default layout is grid layout and default items per page is 2. You can choose from 1 to 12. Then click on save. Your grid layout is ready.


3. Add layout to your site.

For adding the layout to your site. Just copy the shortcode of layout created. You will find here.

Then create a new page. For this go to dashboard click on page and then add new. Give the name to the page. By adding title. And in the body part just paste the shortcode their. Then publish. Now page is ready with grid layout .

4. Add the page to the Menu.

Go to Appearance and then click on menu. Now just drag drop the newly created page in the menu section. Now the newly created page with the grid layout has been added to menu, also remove the old page from menu that contains posts displaying layout in other way.

I hope this article will help you all. Thank you very much.

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