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Do you want your site to come up in Google search engine? The answer is obviously yes. You have made your site but it does not comes in searching. So, no need to be worry. You come up at the right place. As for this you need to index your site in google search console and submit your sitemap file their.

Their are many ways to do so. Here I will discuss two categories. You have an upgraded plan i.e. premium plan for your WordPress site and other is you donot want to spend money on upgradation and still you want your site to come up in Google search console.

Here, in this post I will tell you how to add your site to google search console. Is this amazing, you donot have to spend a single penny.

  • You will reach here. And in the url prefix box type the complete url of your site including all protocols like https:// example Click Continue.
  • You will get different options to get verified. The first one is through HTML file. This file has to be included in the main page i.e. the home page of your site. But you may get an error that this type of file can not be added.
  • Go to the second point i.e. the html tag, you will get an an html meta tag and this tag should be included in the head section above the body part of the html coding.
  • Copy the html tag and go to your WordPress site. Then click on tools in the sidebar menu and then select marketing. In the page that is opened cluck on traffic. Then scroll down and your you will find your sitemap.xml file and you will find google option. In the Google option paste your html tag that you have copied for Google site verification.
  • Now go back to your Google search console site and click verify under the html tag option from where you have copied your html meta tag. Donot get confused with html file. As the processing of both are different. You are doing your verification with html tag. Now you are verified. You will reach here.
  • Now you have become verified with Google search console. Now the last step remains you have to submit your sitemap to google sitemap is a .XML file a kind of html file which extensible markup language which contains all the links and details in your site. It helps Google to search with in your website easily. For this again go to your website. Again click tools then Marketing and then select the traffic tab in the page that opened. Then scroll down. You will get sitemap.xml file their. Copy the link.
  • Now again go to google search console select sitemap from the side menu. In the sitemap option add your sitemap url. Remember you have to add only the remaining url that is after example Just see the example. And then after adding your sitemap will get added. Now it may take upto 4 days for getting indexing on my site in google search console.

I hope this will help you a lot. Thank you very much

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