How to install Chromecast with Google TV

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How to install Chromecast with Google TV


How to install Chromecast with Google TV – 10 years ago, Google announced something revolutionary in the Smart TV category. This was a product called Google TV when it came out, Google TV combined Chrome as well as different Google services all into a set top box or built into your TV and it came with this awesome remote, hopefully removing all other remotes from your home. Well, three years later, Google came out with another new product called the Google Chromecast. Google Chromecast was so revolutionary.

Features of Chromecast  browser with google tv

1. It had been super affordable.

2. It had been ready to be plugged into an existing TV and instantly offer you smart TV functionality. 

3. You may instantly play a YouTube video or a Netflix movie right to your TV just with Internet and your phone, which was amazing.

4. Now over the years we have seen some differing types of Chromecast. They’ve added 4K and done plenty of things, but it still may be a simplified smart TV that only helps you to use your phone because the remote to play movies onto the TV.

Well, one year later, Google came out with another product called the Nexus.

Nexus as the combination of Google TV, Google Chromecast and Android TV

Layer built into the Nexus layer was a brand new operating system called Android TV. This took many different parts of the Android operating system and incorporated them into a leanback experience, so you could use this remote very easily to access your favorite applications and you would have access to other Google services as well. So ten years after the introduction of Google TV, Google Chromecast, Android TV, Google has finally made something that incorporates all of these different devices into one.

Chromecast with Google TV

This is Chromecast with Google TV. Let’s get started.

Google has come out with a brand new product which takes the original Google TV name that started 10 years ago. They’ve taken the Chromecast functionality that most people know about and they’ve taken the Android TV software that they have been building for a few years now and incorporated them all into this one device called Chromecast with Google TV.

So this isn’t just another Chromecast. We’re going to be testing out everything Best Browser for Chromecast with Google TV you can do with this device, it works with YouTube, YouTube TV, Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Disney plus Hulu, ESPN, Sling TV, HBO, Max, CBS, All Access and stars, and much, much more.

And here it says over 700,000 plus movies and TV episodes and right down here in the bottom corner you will see that this is a 4K supported.

So your TV doesn’t should have 4K, but if it does, the image quality is simply visiting be far better now. Google TV puts all of your entertainment into one place, so it is simple to seek out and you’ll easily search with Google Assistant to search out different movies to observe and receive recommendations. HD 4K and HDR compatible and It works with Wi-Fi and it works with Android.

How to connect iOS devices with Chromecast for Google TV

IOS devices, so here on the rear this is often how we set it up. You plug it in, connect and you’re able to stream and so over on this side it talks about Google Assistant, how you’ll interact with the device.

So let’s plow ahead and obtain this unboxed. So right inside here we will got two boxes. we will got the new Chromecast right here, so let’s start therewith now. This does are available three different colors.

So there’s the Chromecast here. you will got an HDMI port where you’ll plug that into your TV. At the bottom you will got a USBC port that you just will power with this then there you have got a push and an influence light on the rear with a pleasant on the front. So this can be the snow version. It also comes in sunrise likewise as sky so next let’s take a glance at the new remote.

So, on the remote you have a controller right here with a select button in the middle back Google Assistant home, Mute button, YouTube button, Netflix. You will have power controls, an input button, you will have a microphone and then on the side you have volume controls you can easily adjust the volume while you are holding the remote. I

We have some instructions a let’s get started guide and some more warranty information. So here all we need to do is.

Plug this into our TV and power it U. Then we need to switch to the TV input that the Chromecast is on. Put in the batteries and then we’re going to go into the Google Home application to get it fully set up and then here you can ask Google Assistant what can you do to learn more.

And then on the underside we do have our UBC power line. it might be nice if it absolutely was a touch bit longer. then lastly within the box we will got some matching batteries for our remote.

So let’s move and find this plugged in. So now we’re visiting get to the rear of our TV and find an open HDMI port. We’re visiting introduce the new Chromecast, and so we’re visiting connect the ability cable and plug the opposite end into the wall just fits.

If you don’t see the Chromecast, you do need to switch the input on your TV.

So once we plug it in, it boots up and the first thing it asks is to pair the remote and you’re going to do this by holding down the home button and the back button to pair. And then you can see on the bottom our light is no longer pulsing and there it has been paired. So now we’re going to use the remote and choose our language and so now we’re going to finish this setup on our mobile phone with the Google Home application. So you can just download this from the Play Store or the App Store. Now you can go through the setup without using your phone just by selecting.

And here we’re going to choose what home we’re going to add this to, and now it is looking for a new device. O it found our new Chromecast and now we’re going to use our phone to scan the code on the screen.

Alright, it is now connected. It will link with my Google account and it’s asking us to read through the privacy policy statement and when you have done that we’re going to accept and now we’re going to agree to additional legal terms. Now the device is ready to use.

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