How to make a blog for money?

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How to make a blog for money?

The perfect blog will surely gives you a very high earnings. If you follow these steps, you will surely get results after a targeted time.

The first step to be followed to make a blog for money.

First, do a complete research on the topic before starting a blog whether it is APK based, Android or tech based or some travelling blog. Complete research is most important. For doing reasearch, analyze other blogs what it is writing, what it writes, what are the comments of visitors, what is the problem. Then after doing research.

perform a keyword research : Make a list of keywords whether it is 15 or 20 and make a separate file of them.

Make list of articles : Make a minimum of 15 to 20 articles lists which can be easily rank on Google. For this you can visit page, for complete details and make a separate file of this.

Second step to be followed to make a blog for money

Then the second step implies to Purchase domain and hosting. According to me .com is the best domain and second option is .net or you can go to any of your choice. Then choosing a good hosting service is a must. If speed of server is good then ranking will also be good and you will get organic traffic automatically. According to me, cloud hosting, vps hosting are good. Shared hosting will have a speed issue. If you think you can not afford it, you can go for free hosting service The server is extremely too good and without any speed issues.

Third step to be followed to make a blog for money

Next step is to design the theme of the website. For this analyze the theme of all websites in a particular niche. Then choose a different theme from them or you can use same theme but completely different layout. There are many themes available for this you can visit page for complete details.The reason of choosing different theme is that it is something new and indexed it quickly. Also you can go for newspaper theme, basics theme, sahida, genesis theme and many more.

Fourth step to be followed to make a blog for money

Then after this build facebook page, google Plus page and enable auto sharing.

Fifth step to be followed to make a blog for money

Then use some SEO tool plugin. Then, one most important thing is that do make sure to uncheck the option box for allowing the google search engine to know anything about your blog. For this goto setting -> Reading -> enable the checkbox. If you donot do this, the google automatically starts crawling on your page and wrong or incomplete information will send to google.

Then when site is fully developed and not in development mode then is the time the google should crawl and all the pages get indexed quickly.

Make a logo icon and good name for site. Though it has nothing to do with ranking, it will help in branding of site.

Post regularly, try to write something around 100 posts in 5 months. Before applying to adsense try to maintain the blog for 3 months, it will naturally get approved.

It will earn you a very good earning with good number of visitors. For knowing optimization of adsense ads to increase earning, visit this page.

This is all about how to make a blog for money. Hope this will help you a lot. Oboxiee will continue work on such topics. Thank you.

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