How to make short videos using Josh app

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How to make short videos using Josh app


How to make short videos using Josh app – Josh app is an Indian app where you can watch short videos and also it allows you to create your own content. Josh is google play certified so is available on Google Play Store.

What is Josh app and how to make short videos in it?

Josh app is a platform just for having entertainment for watching short videos and for making and uploading your own content. This is a means to forecast your talent on a most legal and famous platform. Before knowing how to make short videos using Josh app. Let us know about it.

As you all know after tiktok, I think josh being the second most used app. With the banning of tiktok app in India, it’s being the most used app. The app also allows to use , watch and follow your own favourite trending celebs and videos.

Features of josh app

Before proceeding to know how to make short videos using Josh app. Let us know about its features.

Amazing Video Community! 
People from all over the globe connect here because it is the best entertainment app! This is a full dose of entertainment tik tok funny video, made in India. You can find daily challenges, creative trends, entertaining, Masti, and a lot more Indian tiktok short videos maker to download. From local snack v videos to eminence, you get everything likee here!

Best & Trending Genres! 
Find the most famous snake v video online tending up to more than 15 Genres like dance, music, comedy, jokes, pranks, challenges, Shayari, pet, cooking, Bollywood, fashion, Whatsapp status download, DIY, comedy, community, glamour, snake video, cute tik tok & like videos India and many more.

Ease Of Shooting! 

Josh’s ease of shooting amazing mast Punjabi tik tok status videos is one of the reasons why it’s the best Indian app! Features like an Easy-to-use camera with real-time filters, special effects, face stickers, makeup camera, emojis, and much more make the creator’s life easy and give a great opportunity to grow on the popular app, Josh!

Music Playlist 
Tune in to the top songs and mast music labels on Josh App. Give your personal touch to your snake videos app and reels with your favorite song or lip-sync to famous dialogues – the choice is yours with unlimited music and a sound playlist at your choice, the possibilities are endless and you can be the next star on Josh video app!

Duet Videos 
One of the most trending mast whatsapp status videos is the DUETS! And what better way to get in the game and make a duet. Reel do it on Josh with your friends, loved ones, and even celebrities! So get a groove on and get going with the Duet feature on the Josh likee tiktok v video now! Because it doesn’t get any better than this!

25M+ Celebrity Influencers! 
You can go on top because top Indian Snack video and Tiktok creators are now in the Josh community! Like, follow and engage with your favorite celebrities and be a part of the global community of creators. Discover new talent every day on the platform and get a chance to star in a snake funny tiktok video with Faizu, Teen Tigada, or your own favorite stars, and gain millions of followers.

Curated Feed in Your Own Languages 
Josh is delighted to let our fans know that now you can watch feeds specially curated for you in your favorite language! Currently available in 12 languages: Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Oriya, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri. Get some funny snack reel video and enjoy a lot!

 Easy Sharing Across Platforms! 
Be it your own shorts Whatsapp video status or brochill something you love – easily share the entertainment with your friends and family on Whatsapp status download app, snack video status, Facebook, or set as your social media. Create a profile, follow power creators, like and share!

How to make short videos using Josh app

How to install Josh app?

Before knowing to the steps, let us install the Josh app.

Josh app is available on both google play store and app store. It is a legal application so is available on play store. Google does not certified any application that is not according to its policies and rules.

Go to play store and search for Josh app.

You will find the icon like this.

Josh app

Just click on install button.

Application will get installed and ready to use.

How to make short videos using Josh app?

After installing the app you will get the interface like this.

Josh app first interface after installation.

In this you can choose your language you want to interact with and make your own video. Their are 12 different Indian languages supported by Josh app. The languages supported by Josh app are Hindi, English, Odiya, Gujarati, Tamil, Telgu, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi etc.

You can skip this step and can choose later on.

Now without login, you are allowed to view other’s videos and swipe again and again to move to other.

Without login you are allowed to view other's video in josh app

Now at the bottom right corner, click on the login icon as highlighted in the age.

After you click on login icon. You are allowed to login via phone number, via Google and via Facebook.

Here I am choosing login with google to get access to Josh app.

Now next step is to choose a username. Username should have minimum of 7 characters including numbers, underscores, periods.

After creating username your account is created and you will reached on the dashborad like interface of josh app where you can make and upload short videos using Josh app.

Now click on create post button to make first short video post.

How to make short videos using Josh app by the use of existing videos?

yee, you are allowed to use the existing video already on the device and upload it over the Josh app.

For this you need to click on create post button. And you will reach to the interface like this.

How to make short videos using Josh app

To make use of existing video or to select existing video click on album button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Now three tabs appear, by default the selected tab is video tab. The video tab displays all the videos on your device.

Now you have to select the video which you want to use to create post.

After selecting the desired video, click on next button.

Now write appropriate title and select language of the video. Then click on post button.

How to make short videos in josh app using image?

Yes, you are allowed to make videos from image, put on special effects and add music to the video.

For this go to your profile icon then, their you will find all the necessary details of your account and all the uploaded videos.

How to make short videos using Josh app using image

Now click on plus + button in the bottom center. Now in the next interface select the album button, then choose image tab in the corresponding interface.

Now select the desired image for which you want to create the video.

After selecting the image click on proceed button.

Josh app allows you to add effects to your video generated from the image. Their are many effects available which are also free of cost. You can add text and stickers at specific intervals to the video.

Video without audio is not interactive. Josh app also allows you to add music from the app or on your device.

If you are using music from app you are also allowed to trim the audio.

Now click on next button.

Now write appropriate title select language and click on create post.

How to make short videos using Josh app in selfie mode?

yes, you are allowed to make video in selfie mode instantly.

Fir this you have go to profile icon and click on plus button to create post.

by default you go in to the selfie mode.

Now record the video and then click on next button.

Then write appropriate title and select language and click on create post.

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