How to Rank High on Google?

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You have a website and it is not shown on Google search terms. Their are few basic terms that we should have to understand.

How google search engine works?

Google searches the web with automated programs called crawlers, looking for pages that are new or updated. Google stores those page addresses (or page URLs) in a big list to look at later. … Google analyzes the content, images, and video files in the page, trying to understand what the page is about.

So, To come up in Google search our content writing should be good.

It includes:-

  • The Title of the post is most important. As Google first determines the set of searches which a user or visitor wants and displays results according to the search keyword. So question arises what keyword should I use to create my title so that it comes up in Google search and help to make it rank higher. For this, type on the Google the keyword you want to make the content the Google will automatically displayed in the scroll down list all the related keywords that people mostly used in their search or you can go for Google Keyword Planner give you details on what users are searching for and how popular those queries are.
  • The Alt Text is the very important option for ranking higher. All know a picture is worth a thousand words. The content without an image will not attract more visitors than a post with images. But not only adding the images to post add alt text i.e. alternative text to the image. It will help Google to understand why the photo is in your post. Also try to include the search keywords in describing the alternative text. It will help rank high.
  • Permalink is very important and should be set the the post name. As it is the url of the post that you have created. If the url itself includes the search keyword it will help Google to determines your post and help the visitors to reach by showing in the search results.
  • Size of image chosen should not be too large that are to be included in post. As if you choose a big image it will take too much time for loading and Google itself rewards for pages that loads quickly because of having a good users experience. And if you are choosing too big image then do not forget to use image compress tools like, that compress images without sacrificing quality.
  • Content Writing is the final step for making any post in such a way that it will rank high. The content displayed should not be too much confusing. Use headings, subheadings separate with lists and soon.
  • Tag is the very important option to be filled up. As you know the title or content includes only a limit number of possible search keyword that people may use for Google search according to their needs. For making your post available to maximum no visitors who searched for different keyword searches tag option is important. Add maximum possible search keywords in this option. Thus will help Google to search your post searching for different keywords may be not exactly according to title but satisfying their needs.

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