How to use copyright music to make youtube videos in 2022 to avoid copyright strike

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how to use copyright music to make youtube videos in 2022 to avoid copyright strike


As far as youtube is concerned, the growth of youtube is exponentially increasing, millions of videos are uploaded per second. Now if we talk about youtube, we may want to use music in our background music to make the video more interactive and entertaining. Their are some niches which requires to use background music like lyrics videos or dance choreography videos. Now you may wonder that their are still many videos on the internet that is having copyrighted music in the backend and still they are monetize too. Now you may think of the question how is it possible to monetize the video if it is using copyrighted content?

Type of youtube videos that may use copyrighted music in the back end

how to use copyright music to make youtube videos in 2022 to avoid copyright strike

The type of youtube videos that may use copyrighted music in the back end are as follows:-

  1. Lyrical videos – These videos contain lyrics that is not released by the owner of the copyrighted music. The music runs in the background and the lyrics are displayed on every line of song.
  2. Dance videos – These videos contains the dance choreography of the song. Also songs run in background. Many dance institute runs the channel and upload videos regularly and are monetize too.
  3. Photography videos – Their are some photographers who display their work like pre wedding photo shoot, post wedding photo shoot, baby photo shoot, pregnancy photo shoots etc. photographers use background song music to make the video more attractive and it also increases user retention on the video.
  4. Show case products videos – Their are many videos which only contain the products images as the user of youtube is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to be on youtube. The products may be kind of some household products like bedsheets, dress designs etc. Or electrical or something else. All use some kind of music in their background that may be copyrighted material.

3 terms used in using music to make youtube videos

  1. Copyright free music – The music or song that you are music is copyright free. That means the music will not have any kind on copyright Infringement. Both the earning and watch time is completely yours, if you are using copyright free music. Now you may think from where to get copyright free music. I will say the first option is youtube audio library. The music here is copyright free and you are free to use this music according to your choice. The songs that made before 1970 are allowed to use free and are not under any kind of copyright issues. The third way is to take the permission of original owner of the music or song. If you have in written about the permission than you are allowed to do so. And if further, you get any kind of copyright claim than you can show the permission and youtube will remove copyright claim from the video. The fourth way is the websites, their are many websites which provides copyright free music free of cost. Below is the list of websites that provides copyright free music

2. Copyright claim music – This includes using copyrighted material in the background so that the original owner of the video gives copyright claim not the copyright strike. Their is new update from 2021. Now in 2022 youtube policies are following a softer path towards the channel owners that are using copyrighted music. Now if you are using it for fair use like the above explained type of videos you will get a copyright claim, not a copyright strike. You donot need to worry about if you got a claim, your channel will not get banned. You can easily find youtube videos.with millions of views and advertisement shown on these videos.

Is their any way to remove copyright claim from the youtube videos?

The only way to remove copyright claim is to take the permission from the owner of the Copyrighted material.

Will my watch time be added in my actual time for monetization of videos?

The good answer is, Yes. Ofcourse, your whole time will be counted in monetization of channel.

Will I get the earning obtained from video that contains copyright music?

No, the entire earning will go to owner of the original creator of music song. If you want to compromise for earning for views and subscribers than it is really a good way to fairly use copyrighted music content.

Will changing pitch or speed of song can prevent from copyright issues in 2022?

No, if you think that changing speed or pitch can prevent it from youtube algorithm from copyright claims, the answer is big No. Now algorithm are better and better doing day by day.They can easily detect any of copyright infringement.

So, with millions of views on the video may be you are not getting a single penny over it. I will say you to use songs from big companies like tseries, saregama music, yash raj music, zee music and so on. They have a very large database across internet, and these companies generally give copyright claim and not copyright strike. As they knew that the song will get promoted and they would love to do so. Even they are getting whole earning amount from the video that contains copyright content. Generally some music companies give copyright strike and not copyright claim if your content is not disturbing their views and engagement.

3. Copyright strike – Generally if, you find any video that has copyright strike over it, you have to quickly remove the video from the internet. As if you got three copyright strike on your channel. Your channel will get permanently banned and all the video will get removed by youtube and channel will not be accessible. So, if you are using music or sound of small channels than they may send a copyright strike and which may be a scary dream for you.

How to know whether the copyrighted music that I am using will have copyright claim or copyright strike

how to use copyright music to make youtube videos in 2022 to avoid copyright strike

Suppose you are using copyrighted music in your youtube video, then suppose if you know that video will turn in to copyright strike than you can instantly delete the video before publishing. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, it can be achieved really. In order to know about this just follow the following steps:-

First, step is to make the video. This is the very first step to make the content you want to publish. To know about how to make youtube video or essential tools to make the video you can visit other posts.

Second step is to choose the visibility to unlisted. Unlisted means anyone who has link to the video can only see the video. This step is to be performed before publishing the video.

Now, within 15 minutes you will get the details whether the content gets copyright claim or strike. If the content has copyright strike, you must have to delete the video or the part of video that contains the copyrighted material. Else if the content gets copyrighted claim, you may choose to sacrifice the earning for views and subscriber count.

Hope you all get the necessary information. Oboxiee will continue to publish on such information.

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