Keyword golden ratio

Keyword golden ratio | KGR seo | KGR keyword formula

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Keyword Golden Ratio


Keyword golden ratio is the measure of the the complexity or the competition on the given keyword according to the search volume and the total number of posts that contains keywords in their meta tag written on that keyword. It is the called the golden ratio in the point that it guarantees that keyword will definitely rank.

Benefits of using KGR technique

1. It is a boon to new bloggers as it gives a quick and an easy way to determine the competition.

2. It helps bloggers to identify the correct keyword that will rank on search engine easily.

3. It helps bloggers to understand the different case studies.

4. It helps to drive traffic and increase revenue.

Different case studies of KGR techniques

Case study 1 :

KGR value < 0.25

If value of KGR is less than 0.25. It is excellent. More chances to rank quickly. Competition for that keyword is too low. It means for a given search volume, number of posts written on that topic is too low, so great chances to rank high on search engine. New bloggers must go with this range.

Case study 2:

0.25 < KGR value > 1

If value of KGR is greater than 0.25 but less than 1. It means medium competition. For a given search volume their is a moderate competition to work upon.

 Case study 3 :

KGR value > 1

If value of KGR is greater than 1. It shows that it is having very high competition. New bloggers should avoid this case study. As it is having very high competition and difficult to rank high.


Tips for using KGR technique for new bloggers

1. While using KGR technique, choose the keyword that has search volume not greater than 250. As if search is low, than their is more chances to rank high.

2. Go for case study 1 of KGR technique i.e. Value of KGR should be less than 0.25.

3. Go for long tail keywords, as if you use long tail keywords many small keywords of the page or post automatically ranks. It will help great and is of great advantage.

How to determine KGR ?

Method 1:

Keyword golden ratio
What is allintitle?

Allintitle is the number of total posts that uses the exact keywords in their title meta tag.

To determine the value of KGR, you must download the keyword extension for keyword surfer or whatsmyserp or anything that can give you the measure of the terms in formula.

Here I am using keyword surfer. For example I am taking the example say “what are different types of digital marketing?” This is my long tail keyword.

It’s search volume is 10 in us.

Total search volume


Now next step is to determine allintitle value. Fir finding allintitle value just type in the search bar allintitle followed by the keyword i.e. allintitle: what are different types of digital marketing? Its value is 0 in us.



Total search volume limited to country based can also be found by the free tool like ubersuggest or free version of ahrefs.

Now according to the formula KGR value is 0/10 = 0

That means it has  Less  competition.

According to same rules, try different variations of the keyword.

This is all about keyword golden ratio, if followed properly can rank your post in top 10 within 24 hours

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