Mallumv 2022 – download latest dual audio 300 MB hd movies

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How Well-Known Is Mallumv.Net?

According to, is ranked 6,848 globally in terms of web user interaction. The ranking is based on traffic data, which includes a significant number of online users.

However,’s traffic has decreased during the past 90 days, falling from 6,953 to 6,848.

Value Assumed For Mallumv.Net

According to, a website that offers details on the worth and worth of websites. The estimated worth of is US $29,385,000.

This valuation is based on data from and as well as an estimate of the site’s profits made using traffic and ranking statistics.

Furthermore, according to, Fz not only affects the movie industry by propagating pirated content, but it is also anticipated to make $1,559,520 in annual profit from an estimated 103,992,120 visitors each year who browse 519,886,080 webpages annually.

What is the current active domain of Mallumv 2022?

Current active domain of Mallumv 2022

Since, Mallumv involves piracy. Their are so many complaints against Mallumv. The list of those complaints can be seen in the image according to the Lumen database. This database contains all the information about the legal complaints about a particular url. From the image it can be seen it has so many complaints from the legal platforms for movie watching like altbalaji, mx player and so on.

As cyber police keeps an eye on such unnatural behaving activities of any site. The current active domain name is

For how much time will this domain be active, is it not known. These type of sites even donot have approval with adsense even after having so much huge amount of traffic.

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