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Momix apk — Download 2022 v4.1.7

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In today’s world the interest to see online movies, web Series, tv shows has increased too much. Yes, Momix apk — Download 2022 is build for you to fulfill your keen of interest. What if, all you get without spending a single penny. I.e. for free. In comparison to platforms likeNetflix, Hotstar, Voot Select, ALTBalaji, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Discovery+, Ullu, Hulu, Youtube Premium, etc.

Now friends, get ready to have your favorite shows, movies, web Series in almost all genres and in no cost. All you need to download Momix apk — Download 2022. In the post I will provide the full details of the apk.

If you are using some apk that is providing free version of some paid content. I will discuss all the information here. So, let’s continue.

What is Momix apk?


Momix app is a way to fulfill the desires for entertainment via watching free online movies, shows etc. Todday I thinks everyone is using smartphones. With the increasing use of smartphones and the busy life. Everyone wants to be stress less. One such way is to have a free video streaming app as Momix. It is just a great app.

Momix is popularly known as video streaming app and also for video streaming from Netflix is a third party app. Everyone now can have all Bollywood, Hollywood, tv shows, movies, web Series in almost all genres like action, drama, comedy, horror etc.

Features of Momix app

  1. It is just free to use. Everyone can enjoy its live streaming of tv shows and movies in no cost.
  2. It also allows you to download the show to watch it later. The integrated DVR function allows you to do so.
  3. It allows you to watch tv shows, movies, web Series etc.
  4. It provides the bigger access to watch in almost all genres. Means you are not limited to a particular kind of genres.
  5. It provides automatic playlists for videos. Means no need to browse the movies by typing the desired. You can make your choice by simply just scrolling.
  6. You are not limited to a particular language. You are allowed to watch in multiple languages including English, Hingi, tamil, telugu and many more.
  7. The interface provided by momix is so user friendly. A new user even can easily use it without getting any trouble.
  8. The installation is also so simple. No extraordinary experience is required to get the software installed on your system.
  9. The momix is supported by multiple devices like PC, android, iPhones etc. Means user us not limited to a particular device.
  10. The momix is also supported by different Operating system like windows, linux.
  11. It allows you to get a browse list for latest movies and web Series. I think it is an interesting feature to get through.
  12. The app do not too much ads. So, providing you almost ad free interface.
  13. This app even have an another interesting feature of having automatic subtitles for each video. These subtitles will be in a language chosen by you.

How to install latest version V2.9.0 Momix apk — Download 2022?

Downloading the app requires certain series of steps to be followed upon.

1. You need to change your settings and must enable to allow downloading from Unknown source. 

2. You must click the download mimic from apk website.

3. Just after downloading, follow the steps.

4. Click on next button and just click install.

5. Now, the app is ready to use.

Different versions for momix apk

Here, I am describing some of the versions of app. You may choose the latest one or according to the compatibility of the device and the operating system used.

Version v4.1.7
Size 36 MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated November 16, 2022
MOD Features Ad Free


Version v4.0.1
Size 7 MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated 28th September,  2022
MOD Features Ad Free


Version v4.1.5
Size 36 MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated few days before
MOD Features Ad Free



Version v2.8.6
Size 36 MB
Get it On
  • Google Play
Updated few days before
MOD Features Ad Free

How to download shows on your device to watch it later?

With mimic, anyone can enjoy free video streaming of favourite shows or movies. To download shows on device for later watching. You just need space on your device. Then search for the desired movie you want to download.  Select the resolution and select download. The show will get start to download. 

Which company owns Momix?

As, because of the popularity of the app, many copies of the app has been made in the market. But none knows the actual one. After a research, exact owner of the app is not known. However in certain places it is defined as team momix. 

Legal alternatives of Momix app

Legal alternatives of mimic app includes:-

1. Netflix 

2. Prime video

3. Disney Hotstar

4. HBO

5. YouTube Premium

6. Zee5

7. Voot select

8. Hulu

9. Alibi

10 Eros now

11. WWE Network

12 FX

13. The CW

14. CBS

15. AMC

Similar apps like Momix

1. Cloud stream

2. Cinema HD

3. Bee TV

4. Movie box

5. Sony Crakle

6. Mr. TV

7. Bud

8. Tea TV

9. Kodi

10. Crunchyroll


Is their any legal terms against momix use?

Momix is an illegal app, as it is only available to download from Unknown source. Moreover, it provides the data that is a premium one and this app is providing the free version in excellent quality.

How to uninstall Momix?

To uninstall Momix, you just tight click on the icon and select uninstall. After following the steps the app will get uninstalled from device.

Why is Google Play Store giving me an alert to uninstall the Momix app? Why is it saying uninstall harmful app?

Momix is not verified on google play store. So, for safety it considers to be harmful and giving an alert to uninstall it. 

Is there Chromecast feature in Momix Mod Apk?

Yes, Momix apk provides chromecast feature also. It is so interesting. Isn’t it?. This built in Chromecast feature allows to install high definition I.e. HD video streaming without any interruption with a high quality voice.

Is downloading and installing Momix app safe?

Their are certain mod apk which are very harmful for your device as that contains malware or malicious software. These software’s may damage your important data and can harm your device. Now the question is, is it safe to download and install Momix app?. The answer is yes, it does not contain any harmful software or program. It is surely safe as per our research. It also does not store any kind of personal data. So, no need to worry about loss of your any kind of Personal data.

Is Momix available on play store?

No, original Momix app is not available on play store. As, these kind of practices generally available on unknown sources. So, as to google cannot detect them for any malicious activity. We donot support any kind of these activities.  We must recommend to go on the best and legal online paid apps like Netflix, Disney jetstar either to go for a free alternate option. 

Google Play store can not verify these types of video streaming sites. So, they are not available on google play store.

Which country made Momix?


Can I trust Momix?

The term trust is based on multiple facts. If we talk about its legality. It is purely illegal. If you see about its security means any malware or malicious program. Then it is trusted in regarding this as it does not contains any malware. The term trust can be observed by its availability on legal platforms like google play store. On google play store, it is not available. 

Different Geners available on Momix

1. Action

2. Comedy

3. Crime

4. War

5. Adventure

6. Animation

7. Biography

8. Documentary 

9. Drama

10. Family

11. Fantasy

12. History

13. Horror

14. Musical


Is Momix app legal to use?

This app requires enabling the system configuration to download from unknown source. You know what I mean, unknown source may be not trustworthy. So, I donot think so it is legal. If it is legal it must be available on google play store. It must be violating some of the rules or policies so not able to be on the play store platform.


we here, Oboxiee donot support any illegal activity in any way. The article is for educational and informational purposes only. We strictly obeys google laws and policies and does not support or promote any illegal activity to be carried upon.

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