Rakhi Sawant is now alone

Rakhi Sawant is now alone just before Valentine Day

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Rakhi Sawant is now alone just before Valentine Day


Rakhi Sawant is a big name who is always in the eyes of media because of some chatter news that is on every one’s mind. This 43 year old lady is a very good actress who played very well roles in many films including hindi movies,tamil movies, telgu movies and much more.

Who is Rakhi Sawant?

Rakhi’s real name is Neeru Bheda from Maya Bheda. Maya Bheda marries to a police constable, Anant Sawant, and so the surname of the actress changed. Her home town is Agar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Career of Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi’s career starts from 1997. But in 2006, it gets a peak in her career with a controversy with Mika Singh, a popular singer at the birthday party. She played a very great supporting role in many movies.

Popular movies of Rakhi Sawant

  • Agnichakra
  • Joru Ka Ghulam
  • Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain
  • Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke
  • Masti
  • Main Hoon Na
  • Ek Kahani Julie Ki
  • Bhaag Bakool Bhaag

Popular TV shows of Rakhi Sawant

  • Bigg Boss – she appeared in Big Boss 1 and Big Boss 14
  • Venus Records & Tapes
  • Nach Baliye
  • Rakhi Ka Swayamwar
  • Rakhi Ka Insaaf
  • Maa Exchange
  • Box Cricket League

Why Rakhi is alone from today 14th November, 2022?

Rakhi got married 4 times in her life. She was last married to Ritesh Singh. Ritesh Singh met with her in Big Boss. She married Ritesh Singh on July 28, 2019. But on yesterday she gave the speech.

He left me! I loved him so much and he left me.


Rakhi further said, “After Bigg Boss a few weeks ago, we started living together in my house in Mumbai, but yesterday he packed his bags and left. He said that he is in legal trouble because he didn’t divorce her first wife and now he doesn’t want to live with me anymore. He said that he lost a of money also in his business as he had to go through a lot of scrutiny after he entered the Bigg Boss house with me.”

Rakhi apologize that

“After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, when I got to know that he has a wife and a kid, my heart broke. I cannot be unfair to a woman and a child. I am coming to terms with the fact that he has left me and everything has ended.”

Why the Rakhi Sawant’s marriage to Ritesh Singh illegal?

She admitted that

 “My marriage with him is not legal because he didn’t divorce his first wife.”

Reaction of Rakhi Sawant parents

Reaction of Rakhi’s parents when they found Rakhi is now alone just before Valentine Day is very caring and worried as any parent will have about their child when they get the news of getting trouble in their child life. Rakhi said

Yesterday as soon as my mother and brother heard about this, they immediately came to my place. They are very sad and told me that I should have found out more about Ritesh before getting involved with him. I loved and trusted Ritesh blindly and this is what he has done to me,”

Future expectations of Rakhi from Ritesh

Rakhi is still hopeful. She concluded

“I love him very much and I will forgive him for everything. If he gets divorced and wants to come back to me, then he should know that I am waiting for him. But if he is happy with his wife and kids then God bless them. But for me, marriage and love is not a joke,”

Platform from where news is declared Rakhi is alone

Rakhi is now alone just before Valentine Day. The news is declared by Rakhi Sawant at her Instagram account to her fans and followers. She said

Dear fans and well wishers, Just wanted to say that Ritesh and I have decided to part ways. After the Bigg Boss show, a lot has happened and I was unaware of certain things which were out of my control. We have tried to work out our differences and tried to make things work but I think it’s best we both move on amicably and we both enjoy out lives separately. I’m really sad and heartbroken this had to happen before Valentine’s day but the decision had to be made. I wish Ritesh the best in life but for me at this stage in life I have to focus on my work and my life and keep myself happy and healthy. Thank you for understanding and supporting me always! – Rakhi Sawant.

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