‘Sanjay Dutt’ as the villian role in movie Prithviraj

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‘Sanjay Dutt’ as the villian role in movie Prithviraj 


The villian role is so important and amazing. The role of Villian or entry of villian in the movie can make a movie superhit. Just as the role played by Ranbir in padmat movie was just awesome. So, the role of villian is as important as that of actor.

In the movie the Prithviraj whole fight is against Muhammad of Ghor i.e. Muhammad Ghori. Sanjay played the role of Muhammad of Ghor.

Who played the villian role in Prithviraj?

Sanjay Dutt is going to play the most amazing role in the Prithviraj. His complete make up and accessories is going to be just great that can be predicted from the picture.

Sanjay Dutt as Muhammad Ghori in Prithviraj

Complete details of Prithviraj movie

The movie Prithviraj will released on 1st April, 2022

Prithviraj movie details

What was the role played by Sanjay Dutt as villian in Prithviraj

Sanjay Dutt the role of Muhammad of Ghor in Prithviraj

Prithviraj Chauhan was the ruler of India who being called ‘Lion of Hindustan’. She fought with Muhammad of Ghor in 2 times

In the first battle in 1191 Prithviraj won the battle and in the second battle in 1192 Muhammad Ghori won the battle and lead to Muslim rule in India.

Sanjay plays a very powerful role in the upcoming movie Prithviraj

Battle of tarain showing fight of Akshay Kumar as Prithviraj with Sanjay Dutt as Muhammad Ghori

Who was Muhammad of Ghor in history ?

Shihab ad-Din son of Mu’izz ad-Din Muhammad also known as Muhammad of Ghor and emperor of Ghurid Empire.

Shihab ad-Din born in 1149 and his death occured on 15th March, 1206.

Why the history behind the movie Prithviraj is so important?

As the movie is going to show the heroism of Prithviraj against Muhammad of Ghori. Prithviraj was the bravest king. This fight comes with the new rule in India i.e. Muslim rule.

Where will Prithviraj released?

You can watch Prithvi Raj on Mxplayer.

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