Tamilyogi download – latest hd movie, watch online movie

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Tamilyogi download – latest hd movie, watch online movie 


Tamilyogi is an online boon to watch free latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies. hindi dubbed tamil movies download, telgu movies download, hindi dubbed telgu movies download, hindi dubbed Hollywood movies download, hindi dubbed bangla movies download, telgu movies download, tamil movies download, bangle movies download, malayalam movies download, hindi dubbed malayalam movie download, Tamil dubbed telgu movie download, Telgu dubbed tamil movie download, TV series download, TV shows download and much more.

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What is Tamilyogi?

Tamilyogi is an illegal online high quality entertainment means which stoles copyrighted movie material and present it in a high definition quality standard to the end user. As the number consumption of limits has reached much more, the actual number of users of these type of site is in billions. Even the average total number searches for Tamilyogi is 442k per month which has 317k from India only according to research tool. From this number you can examine how much the user is crazy about this type of pirated websites.

As Tamilyogi like sites provide the movie download available on the same day and sometimes even before the releasing date of the movies, the actual number of users that are watching legally is decreasing and a great loss to the media industry. As this website is providing the picture quality from 480p to 1080 p in hd format, the user gets the required high quality hd format free of cost. So, why should one spent, if he gets same

Download Latest movies Tamilyogi 2022

Step 1

Open any vpn sever or proxy server, and search for Tamilyogi.

Use proxy servers in order to avoid any trouble or complications.

Step 2

Now go to the current active domain of Tamilyogi.

At this time currently active is Tamilyogi.best

Step 3

Now you will get the interface that is user friendly and easy to use.

This interface is really user friendly.

Step 4

Now in the menu you will get the complete details of all genres and categories and download the desired movie.

Tamilyogi mostly covers all genres, extramovies, Hindi dubbed, south dubbed, Hollywood, bollywood movies.

What is the current active domain of Tamilyogi?

Current active domain of Tamilyogi 2022

Since, tamil yogi involves piracy. Their are so many complaints against Tamilyogi. The list of those complaints can be seen in the image according to the Lumen database. This database contains all the information about the legal complaints about a particular url. From the image it can be seen it has so many complaints from the legal platforms for movie watching like altbalaji, mx player and so on.

As cyber police keeps an eye on such unnatural behaving activities of any site. The current active domain now is Tamilyogi.best

For how much time will this domain be active, is it not known. These type of sites even donot have approval with adsense even after having so much huge amount of traffic.

All inbound domain redirects of Tamilyogi

Tamilyogi.ph all inbound redirects are as follows:-

Tamilyogi.vip Tamilyogi.best Tamilyogi.com Tamilyogi.cool Tamilyogi.ch Tamilyogi.inTamilyogi.cc, Tamilyogi.cafe, Tamilyogi.fm, Tamilyogi.in

All connected websites of tamilyogi

UAUA-56314331Jun 2021Jan 2022
Connected Websites

All inbound country redirects of Tamilyogi

Tamilyogi.best has the following country redirects:-

 .me Micronesia Niue Cocos Islands

Tamilyogi proxy – unblock feature

As Tamilyogi like sites have many complaints against them and cyber police is keeping an eye to such sites to eliminate them quickly. The very first process is that if they donot obey the orders of the government, then government will block the website. The site will not be operable.

In such a case if any user looks for the website and found it inoperable then the same can be accessed by Tamilyogi proxy. Proxy servers acts as third party intermediater to access any country wise blocked websites.

Below is the list of some proxy servers that can be used

List of proxy servers

Disadvantages of using Tamilyogi 2022

  • Using Tamilyogi like pirated sites is a huge loss to industry as well as to the government.
  • Tamilyogi is not a trustworthy platform as it has many complaints already registered against it and contains many unwanted ads and push up notifications and automatic redirection programs that may be malware or some dangerous virus.
  • Tamilyogi like sites have many automatic redirection a which are smartly tricked in a way to get automatic allowance to subscription or notifications that may steal your data. It is really try this one happens to a known to me. His whole youtube channel has been hacked and all videos. Now after a long time hard work his all personal sign up youtube information has been leaked out. Now you got the point how much risky is using it.

All genres supported by Tamilyogi

All genres supported by Prmovie are as follows:-

  • Action

  • Biography

  • Drama

  • Family

  • History

  • Thriller

  • Adventure

  • Comedy

  • Music

  • Fantasy

  • Romance

  • War

  • Animation

  • Crime

  • Mystery

  • Horror

  • Science Fiction

10 Latest Bollywood movies download on Tamilyogi 2022

10 latest Bollywood movies download on Tamilyogi 2022 are as follows:-

Trailers of coming new release movies on Tamilyogi

  1. Mission Frontline with Rohit Shetty (2022)

  2. Mission Frontline with Farhan Akhtar (2022)

  3. Jindra (2022)

  4. Return Of Little Singham (2022) 

  5. 36 Farmhouse (2022)

  6. Turtle (2021)

  7. Tadap (2021)

  8. Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui (2021)

  9. Churuli (2021) Hindi Dubbed

  10. Paani Ch Madhaani (2021)

10 Latest Hollywood movies download Tamilyogi 2022

10 Latest Hollywood movies download Tamilyogi 2022 are as follows:-

  1. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022)

  2. Iris Warriors (2022)

  3. The King’s Daughter (2022)

  4. North to Home (2022)

  5. Scream (2022)

  6. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (2022)

  7. Damon’s Revenge (2022)

  8. Redeeming Love (2022)

  9. Four to Dinner (2022)

  10. Home Team (2022)

Extramovies downloads supported by Tamilyogi 2022

Extramovies downloads supported by Tamilyogi are as follows:-

  • Punjabi movies download
  • Hindi dubbed Punjabi movies download
  • Malyalam movies download
  • Hindi dubbed malyalam movies download
  • Tamil movies download
  • Hindi dubbed tamil movies download
  • Telgu movies download
  • Hindi dubbed telgu movies download
  • Gujarati movies download
  • Hindi dubbed Gujarati movies download
  • Bengali movies download
  • Hindi dubbed  bengali movies download
  • Marathi movies download
  • Hindi dubbed Marathi movies download
  • Kannada movies download
  • Hindi dubbed Kannada movies download
  • Pakistani movies download
  • Hindi dubbed Pakistani movies download

Legal hindi web series platforms leaked by Tamilyogi 2022

Legal hindi web series platforms leaked by Tamilyogi 2022

  • Netflix

  • Amazon

  • Voot

  • Zee5

  • Hotstar

  • Viu

  • Altbalaji

  • SonyLuv

  • Mx player


Promovies is the world’s huge online illegal hub to download latest movies, TV shows, web series etc. in all quality formats. Tamilyogi also allows to watch movie online without downloading. The data required to download a movie typically depends upon size of file and the quality formats in which the user wants to download a movie.


Oboxiee is completely unbiased and not taking value or any paid promotions for brands. We donot produce any kind of fees to promote content. These type of sites typically behaves to use copying the content and is as gdinst the rules of government and we donot support these. We request you to use legal alternatives to make the purpose fulfilled.


Is it legal to use Tamilyogi?

No, As these type of websites contains pirated copyrighted content. They follows completely illegal way to present the movies to the user.

Is their any subscription fee to download movies from Tamilyogi?

No, their is not any fees whether hidden or said to download movies. They offer completely free of cost allowance to download movies, even their is no sign up requirements to download .

How much movies a user is allowed to download movies from Tamilyogi?

User is not bound to a specific number of downloads. User can downloads any number of movies as he wants.

How to use Tamilyogi securely?

As, these type of pirated sites contains unwanted pop up ads that are very much insecure and contains smart tricks to get allowance for push notifications or desktop pop up ads. To use it securely, user must use a VPN server so that the details of the user would not be visible to the Tamilyogi server.

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