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What is Vidmate?


VidMate app is one of the best and popular multimedia application available for downloading videos and songs from Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram etc. Currently the app is available for platforms including Android devices only. With the help of vidmate you can easily download Mp3 Songs and Videos for free. Apart from this, if you have an interest in watching movies and shows, then Vidmate Is the great choice by providing the facility to download movies. But many do not know what is Vidmate and What can we do with Vidmate App?

With the help of this VidMate App, you can download your favorite videos and songs from any website for free. For most of the content, it also allows you to choose the video size and format, which includes HD format as well as many other quality settings. The content available on it is well organized.

Vidmate apk is a free app available for Android. It allows downloading videos, songs and applications etc. to the phone only and not to the PC. If you cannot download videos from YouTube, then with Vidmate App you will be able to download movies and songs with good quality in less time.

Vidmate free download

Vidmate being a third-party video streaming and downloading app that gives the power to download videos and songs from official sites. If you’re an Android or iOS user, you will not find it to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, as it is not in accordance with their policies.

How to download vidmate apk?

You can download the Vidmate apk (for Android devices) for free from its official site. For which you have to follow these steps given below –

  1. First go to mobile settings, then go to security settings and enable ‘unknown sources’.
  2. Now click on download button and then install the app.
  3. Now go to vidmate app and you can now easily download songs, videos, movies.

For iOS and windows version , it is still not available. Vidmate is only available for mobile devices.

Does Vidmate provides HD video downloading?

Yes, vidmate provides a wide variety of quality options including HD quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vidmate

There are some pros and cons associated with Vidmate app which are as follows:-


Unlimited Downloads
More than 200 streaming channels available
Compatible with over 1,000 websites
Useful File Conversion Tools


Videos can not be edited within the app.
Only some streaming channels are entertainment.
It sometimes slows down when using the file extension tool.

Why is Vidmate so popular?

It is so popular among users because Vidmate has many categories like- Movies, Music, Reality Shows, Comedy, Apps etc. With this app you’ll be able to easily download videos from social media platforms at no cost. And another special thing about it’s that it keeps updating its media library with new content.

Can we download vidmate on pc?

Currently, VidMate is only available for Android. To use it on pc, you need to use third party emulators like bluestacks. With the use of bluestacks, it is possible to download it on pc.

what are the platforms supported by VidMate?

VidMate is available on windows xp, 7, 8, 10.,. Android 4.1 +.

what are alternatives to VidMate?

Alternatives to VidMate include





Is vidmate a downloader?

Yes, VidMate is an excellent downloader app that provides output in hd quality format.

Is vidmate a website?

yes, vidmate is a good site to watch online shows and entertainment programs.

Is vidmate site safe?

Yes, VidMate is totally safe. Free from any malware virus program. Fully anti scanned.

Is vidmate a Chinese app?

yes, vidmate is a Chinese app which is developed by UC web developers, which is a part of Alibaba.

Can I install vidmate from Google Play Store?

No, due to the policy violations of Google Play services, it is not available on Google Play store. It can be downloaded only in apk version from the website directly.

Does Vidmate includes any kind of malware?

No, Vidmate is totally safe. Free from virus or any other malware program that can harm device.


If you like to watch TV Shows then you can watch online on Vidmate app. This is a very popular App which provides many best features, so just download it in your mobile and enjoy watching latest videos. If you liked this post then don’t forget to like and share it.


As this app involves pirated material. We donot support any kind of encouraging illegal activities like this. Here our purpose is to provide just information only.

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