5 Best most secured messaging apps

Secured messaging apps includes feature of end to end encryption

End to End encrypted messages

End too End encrypted mesages has a higher degree of security and the conversation between the two parties is never leaked out

The additional security is required by the users in order to avoid any personal information to be leaked and used by any other third party

List of secured messaging apps that are free and offers end to end encryption

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1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp empowers E2EE for its messages and calls naturally. Whatsapp permits you to frame bunch visits still as safely send pictures, recordings and voice messages

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2. Signal

Signal offers a basic, stylishly satisfying connection point that makesit simple to use as a sustitution for your gadget's default informing aplication. Signal additionally depicts itself as an "autonomous charitable organization" that holds no trackers inside the app. Messages as well as voice and video calls are E2EE

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3. Telegram

Telegram application is encode, private, secure, and free, making it a superior option in contrast to whatsapp, which is claimed by information gathering facebook.

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4. Line

Line app utilizes different ecryption advancements to safeguard client data. Notwithstanding transport layer encryption, which is utlized to safeguard traffic between line clients and servers. Line uses letter sealing encryption to upheld message types and upheld voice/video calls.

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5. Viber

With viber messaging app, you can expect an unlocked informing experience, complete with all that you would find on a cutting edge informing app, similar to stickers, GIFs and message response with a E2EE mechanism for calls and messages