After classmates declined to sign his yearbook, Paul Rudd befriended a student in middle school.

Forget the title of "Sexiest Man Alive." The nicest man alive is Paul Rudd.

The Ant-Man actor received the honour after becoming friends with Brody, a 12-year-old Colorado youngster.

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article in TODAY The actor was moved by parents after learning that no one wanted to sign his yearbook.

I hope you make some more friends, Brody had written to himself in the yearbook. It bears Brody's own signature.

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Rudd also stepped up soon after the story was published when he learned about it.

Rudd and Brody spoke via FaceTime last week, according to Cassandra, who spoke to TODAY.

"After that, Paul said, "You undoubtedly recognise me as Ant-Man. Then Brody exclaims, "Oh my god! This is awesome,"" said Cassandra.

Added Rudd, "You are loved by so many people. and believe you are the coolest child alive. I am one of them."

Rudd included an Ant-Man helmet in his package and inscribed it with the words, "For my dear friend Brody when he takes over the world."

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