after the consequences from his contentious trip to Saudi Arabia, bidden returns home.

President Biden is heading home amid the fallout from his controversial trip to Saudi Arabia and that friendly fist bump with Saudi Arabia Prince.

Today, the White House, now defending the trip and the president's meeting.

White Lightning

President Biden leaves Jetta late today, concluding his first Mideast trip as President, which meant to rest the strained relations between US and the Arab world.

Saudis, eager to release the image for the world to see that highly choreographed fist bump US intelligence.

President Biden, saying he called out the Crown princeon the murder and human rights and pushed the audis to increase the oil production.

President Biden tonight, making his way back home.

But his  controversial visit still sending shockwaves Biden's facing blowback for that fist bump.

Biden knew he would be criticized for the trip, but it was a risk he was willing to take to try in part to lower gas prices at home.

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