Artificial Intelligence-Based Art US Agency Rules: Copyright Not Allowable

Nowadays, computers are more adept than many people at writing poetry, painting portraits, and creating music.

This month, the U.S. Copyright Office declined to grant a copyright for a picture created using the artificial intelligence tool Creativity Machine.

"Human authorship is a requirement to copyright protection," the court ruled.

The creator of Imagination Engines, a Missouri-based AI company, Thaler, attempted to copyright "A Recent Entrance to Paradise."

a picture that was generated automatically, without assistance from humans, by Creativity Machine's algorithm.

Thaler requested a copyright as the owner of the machine and listed the software as the author of the artwork.

The lawsuit comes at a time when more and more artists are turning to AI to assist them create art, including pieces made by self-driving machines.

Abbott, a partner at the Los Angeles-based law firm Brown, Neri, Smith & Khan.

An AI-authored painting that fetched $432,000 at auction in 2018 is just one example of the substantial financial value that AI-produced art is providing, according to Abbott.

According to Abbott of dot.LA, "The United States Copyright Office has a policy of not permitting that sort of work to be protected."

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