At the Berlin premiere of "Bullet Train," Brad Pitt flaunts his tattoos while wearing a skirt.

Brad Pitt was looking very dashing on a premiere of 'Bullet Train' in Berlin with his co-stars Joey King, Aaron Taylor, Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry.

Brad Pitt again presents a new fashion statement for summers at Berlin.

White Lightning

Badd Pitt was wearing a a mauve linen button-up shirt and a brown skirt with a matching blazer.

He wore combat boots with the ensemble, revealing his shins and a few seldom seen tattoos.

The symbolism of the two tattoos is unknown, however one looks to resemble a rhinoceros face and the other a human skull.

The tattoos were visible on legs

At the premiere the main attraction was of skirt of Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt at the photocall looks very dashing in Paris

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