At the premiere of his debut feature as a director, "Anything's Possible," Billy Porter feels emotional on Oscar.

Billy Porter's feature film debut, Anything's Possible, puts him one letter away from the EGOT.

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"It is a very hard task. It is required, "Porter stated in reference to his debut as a feature picture director.

Maya Angelou once said that in order to teach others how to treat ourselves, they must first learn to love themselves.

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As for Anything's Possible perhaps receiving some Oscar love, Porter said it all comes down to believing in your worth and making it happen.

He responded, "You've got to speak life into yourself. "Make it happen!"

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Porter's decision to direct the picture was more than just a change of direction for him; it was also an endeavour to affect change in Hollywood with regard to media coverage.

Porter disclosed. "I'm here for a purpose. And this serves both as the cause and the goal. I feel a lot of emotion."

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Amazon Prime Video will start streaming Anything's Possible on July 22.

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