Beyoncé Hints at JAY-Z/Solange Lift Battle, 2021 Insurrection, Karens and A Lot More in 'Renaissance' Verses

Beyoncé's extremely anticipated 7th studio album, Renaissance, is ultimately here-- despite a web leakage Wednesday

" Damage My Spirit" The initial of the house-inspired tracks, the track marked the beginning of a brand-new period and period with new anthems for songs lovers

" I' ma let down my hair 'cause I shed my mind/ Bey is back as well as I'm sleeping real efficient night," Beyoncé bellows in the track, allowing fans know that Queen Bey is back.

"The queen's in the front and also the Dom's in the back/ Ain't taking no flicks yet the entire inner circle broke." The songstress also managed.

She additionally encouraged them to let their hair down and let loose, enjoying summer and also life again after a tough two-plus years.

"Comfortable in my skin/ Cozy with who I am/ I enjoy myself, goddamn/ Cozy, relaxing," Beyoncé sings in the carolers of the self-empowerment jam.

" I'm dark brownish, dark skin, light skin, bеige/ Fluorescent bеige, b * tch, I'm Black," Madison proudly mentions on the track.

leading some followers to believe that she's referencing 2014's notorious elevator battle between her sibling and husband JAY-Z.

The couple has actually formerly dealt with reports of JAY-Z's cheating on their respective albums, 4:44 and also Lemonade.

" I simply entered the nation with derringers/ 'Cause them Karens simply turned into terrorists," she goes on.

 Referencing the little handgun as well as possibly the lack of limiting weapon laws in the USA.

She additionally calls out 'Karens,' describing the 2021insurrection at the Capitol by Trump fans, which was implemented by predominantly white fierce extremists.

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