Beyonce is worried about leaks during listening parties

Beyonce Renaissance song will be released on 28th July,2022.

Before the release a listening party will be held by Sony music Germany and France on 27th july, 2022

Beyonce requested all via a post shared on the instagram account to stop leaking stuff before the release. It has aset release for a reason.

Beyonce tells for her real fan, a hive member that goes to look for these thing not to report them.

Beyonce further said," if you are not a hive member because you are not dedicated and commited enough to respect Beyonce if you do this."

Beyonce further specified about the action to be taken against the person for the leaking of the renassiance album .

/She said," If I see anything leake it will be blocked and reported."

She further said, "If anyone sends me anything leaked you will be blocked and reported, That's how it goes, show some respect."

Metacritic has also created and added the official page for 'renaissance' upon its coming release on 28th july, 2022.

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