LHC is restarting again on July 5  

IEuropean Organization CERN is carrying out experiment for Large Hadron Collider LHC

LHC is restarting again on JULY 5, 2022 to carry out experiment on HIGGS BOSON

Higgs boson is the smallest unit of particle that can be think. it is named as it was discovered by the physicist Higgs.

"Hiigs, the physicist who discovered Higs Boson 10 years before.

LHC is restated in order to do expaeriments and to know the energy level of higgs bosons i.e. the smallest unit of particle that can be ever made and it has mass.

As we all knoe the physics formula F=mv in this force is equal to the mass of the article attaining a certain velocity.

In LHC Higgs Bosons will be given a very high degree of motin i.e. veocity, according to the physicist they are having mass and so will provide an indiscriminent amount of force which in turn can be converted into a powerful amount of energy.

The energy level acquired will be so high that anyone can think of. as  E=mv2 in this formula E stands for energy and m for mass and v for velocity.  The conspiracy theories and the scientists are regularly working to achieve that great achievement.

The LHC was shut for almost 3 years because of the updations and experiments that are needed for the accurate and perfect results.

Hope to get the good and successful results in the experiment as if it got successfull. Their will be a new boon in the technology in every field. only the velocity to the smallest particle can provide energy.

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