Chloe Sevigny talks about being pregnant at 45 and overcoming "daunting" mom guilt.

Actress Chloe Sevigny opened up about her experience being a mother and how she overcame parent guilt while still working as an actress.

Chloe Sevigny is developing coping mechanisms for the shame she has as a working mother.

The 47-year-old indie darling gave birth to son Vanja in 2020 along with her spouse, Croatian art gallery owner Sinisa Mackovic. 

Sevigny told the Sunday Times, "I could cry simply thinking about the fact that I'm a damn actress and my work needs to pay our mortgage.

When Sevigny became pregnant with Vanja, her first child, she was 45 years old. The American Psycho actress revealed to the Sunday Times that she has reached "now-or-never moment" and might not be able to conceive on her own.

She said, "My entire life, I hoped it would be a natural event. It now has a different connotation because it appears to be forced.

After recently celebrating her marriage to Mackovic, who was legally joined in 2020, Sevigny has shared how her family life has affected the roles she chooses to play.


"I don't want to spend four months in Italy with Vanja and without Sinisa. In 2020, she told the New Yorker

She further said "It's very disruptive. I started doing this when I was 19 years old. I won't say that my career is over since I'm confident it will continue, but I do need to really reconsider my options right now.

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