Conservative MPs truly feel 'extremely upset' for 'casualty' Chris Pincher, Michael Fabricant says

Mr Pincher surrender as a specialists whip this week and lost the Conservative whip after he purportedly grabbed two guys in a non-public individuals' participation.

Talking on BBC Radio 5Live Michael Fabricant, who addresses the electorate of Lichfield ensuing to Mr Pincher

He said “On the one hand, of course, we’re all very sorry for people who’ve been affected by Chris’s action’s but we also quite frankly feel very sorry for Chris in many ways."

He further expresses ""This is being pushed generally, it shows up by drink, and I truly do know now that he is sincerely looked for and is now associated with the clinical specialists concerning treatment."

“Subsequent to guaranteeing Mr Pincher was a casualty, Mr Fabricant over and over addressed whether utilizing "victim" in regards to individuals who had submitted questions against Mr Pincher was fitting."

“Talking in BBC Radio 4's Today program after the arrival of his letter, he added: "I think they need to tell the truth."

“Mr Pincher who's however to leave his seat inside the Commons, referenced he "drank considerably excessively" and "humiliated myself and others" by his activities.

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