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A roundup

image credit by : CNN news

Now Drones will be able to fly in extreme weather conditions

California Institute of technology have become successful to fly drones in extreme wind gusts

This new deep learning method is artificial intelligence based and allows drones to adapt to undiscovered weather conditions.

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The team developed a neural fly algorithm, on which new technology of flight of drones is based.

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The PhD candidate, california institute of technology

Guanya Shi

The Graduate student, california institute of technology

Mike O'Connell

The Professor, california institute of technology

Soon-Jo Chung

Engineers are hoping to use this wonderful technology in future applicaionslike flying ambulances

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Team believes that this technology can also be used to commerrcial aircraft to reduce bumpy rides

Team believes because of this technology the ride will be more smoother as the aircraft will adapt itself in extreme weather conditions.

This technology will be in use with in one year