Peter Brook could not complete his century

Peter Brook sudden demise at the age of 97 makes his fans in deep sorrow and grief

He died just before 3 years before making his 100 years of life

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He was very dedicated towards his work as it is known from its last work for theatres and movies

Look at the phtos of last work of the British theatre director  Peter Brook in Paris

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In the image credited by twitter posts, the Peter Brook in 2019 was at the set of latest play, 2019 Princess of Austurias Laureate for the Arts, in conjuction with Marie-Helene Estienne

IThe news of his death was said by Le Monde Newspaper in Paris

The famous greatfull prizes for his great work includes Tonys, Emmys and an olivier

The famous great names Sir Laurence Olivier,Sir John Gielgud and Adrian Lester  did work and are directed by him.

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