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Google chrome is launching new tool for translating selected piece of content on websites

Google chrome is testing new tool for the users who regularly visits websites or posts in another language

The news is got from the user Leopeva64-2 on reddit

The new tool will be soon available to the users after right clicking of the selected text in new tab. This is also called partial translate bubble

The user on reddit also posts many photos on social media reddit in the evidence of this new partial translate bubble testing

Before the tool we all have to translate full page

Appearnce after having new tool to translate selected content

As the number of AI generated content over the internet has been increasing continously. So to keep an eye on the bloggers and to minimize the AI content google is taking all steps to control this scenario

After the launching of this partial translate bubble tool, it is still a question whether the users will have permission to access whole content of web pages or the selected piece of text.

Browser who are having this feature already are Edge and Chromium

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