"Halloween Ends" trailor reaction

It looks like a Halloween movie we have a long tacking shot to reveal Michael Myers.

We have got a battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

White Lightning

We have a quick montage of a bunch of people screaming asMicheal is stalking them and preparing to kill them or they're watching one of their friends die.

It's teasing a final showdown that's going to end it all. It's a sort of stuff that we've seen before.

This is the big finale and the big teases that. Laurie got a stroke, Laurie Strode set a trap she's been waiting for him.

It seemed like Michael Myers has an awful lot of plot armor in this movie.

People are awfully dumb and we are chanting evil dies tonight a little bit too much and so it felt like that one.

Laurie really mad at? Michael wants to make him pay? Anything perfectly can not be saud as it is just the trailor

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