The final moments Ivana Trump spent before her untimely demise

Around 6 o'clock in the evening, Trump, 73, visited the Upper East Side's Altesi Ristorante with a personal health assistant.

Trump and Altesi's owner Paolo Alavian had a little conversation outside, according to the restauranteur.

White Lightning

"She didn't enter," stated Alavian. Outside, I ran into her. "Senora, how are you?" I said. Good?’ I merely went for a walk, she proclaimed.

Despite appearing exhausted, Alavian claimed Trump's mood was "very, very regular."

He said that on her regular recent early-evening walks, the ex-wife of former President Donald Trump usually had a health assistant with her.

Ivana was discovered dead early on Thursday afternoon in her Manhattan home at the foot of the stairs, probably following a heart episode that caused her to either slide down the steps or crumple in her place.

Ivana's favourite Manhattan restaurant, Nello, is owned by Thomas Makkos. He claims that after the COVID-19 lockdowns, she didn't appear quite the same. "She grew older extremely quickly the past year."

She had trouble walking. Makkos remarked

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