A Good Ending for the Fall 2022 Couture Season is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

Anthony Fabian's Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, a movie adaptation of Paul Gallico's 1958 novel, opens in theatres on July 15 and serves to amplify the excitement around the recently concluded autumn 2022 season.

This is a story about a dress-wearing amour fou.

White Lightning

Ada Harris, portrayed by Lesley Manville, is a kind-hearted British charwoman and older war widow who becomes fixated with one of her client's Dior outfits and vows to purchase one of her own

She works overtime, saves money, obtains her first passport, and travels to Paris. When she arrives, the Dior house first treats her with reserve.

She manages to achieve her dream—sort of—becoming friends with the tough director Claudine Colbert (Isabelle Huppert).

The movie repeatedly demonstrates how people's outward appearances and inner selves may be diametrically opposed, implying that clothing can be a cover for deception while also having the power to highlight and disclose unanticipated facets of a person's personality (as it does with Mrs. Harris).

She watches after her ailing husband in a run-down flat, and Natasha, the star mannequin for Dior (Alba Baptista), feels imprisoned in the world of high fashion.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris supports the idea that why you wear what you do matters. People who treat clothes as a means of showing superiority, a signifier of wealth, or as a desperate attempt to grab attention don’t come to good ends in the film.

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