Jen Shah Responds to Andy Cohen After Pleading Guilty to Fraud Charges

 Monitor What Happens Live host and executive of the Bravo network revealed it on his SiriusXM programme Radio Andy.

Cohen talked about the troubled Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, who also just expressed regret for her part in the scheme that mostly targeted seniors.

Cohen added, "I'm not sure how I feel about this Jen Shah admitting guilty.

Cohen recalled saying, "And I was like, Jen Shah, with everything you have going on, that you remembered to bring Lucy a gift."

Ultimately, Cohen can understand why there's a lack of empathy when it comes to Shah's case. 

he continued. "I think you end up being more offended when you see Joe Giudice scamming the government of some tax money when you know there are victims,"

In addition, Ms. Shah apologises for disappointing her husband, kids, relatives, friends, and supporters. Jen entered a guilty plea.

When it comes to how some of these incidents have been received by viewers, Cohen added, "I also believe what I've discovered is that some of the viewers are more angry where there are actual victims that you can look at — you know, when you look at Tom Girardi and what it appears like he did."

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