Jojo Siwa Makes Clear Comments After Customers Accuse Her of Stating Lesbian is a Dirty Word

Jojo Siwa is clearing up a declaration that has actually been obtained of context.

On Saturday, the 19-year-old So You Assume You Can Dance court took to TikTok to clean up some confusion-- following reaction she received after a recent interview.

During a discussion with Yahoo Life, the "Boomerang" vocalist amusingly exposed her agitations about the word lesbian.

Siwa shared that while she enjoys being celebrated as a gay symbol and determines as a lesbian, it's not a word she likes to utilize.

" I don't such as the word itself," she joked with the publication.

"It's similar to a lot. However I mean, at the end of the day, that's what I am. ... It resembles the word moist. It's just like ... ugh!" she continued.

Adhering to the meeting, the Dancing Moms alum caught reaction from social media sites individuals that declared that she placed a negative undertone to the word.

In her TikTok video clip, Siwa replied to a user who wrote "that is not what happened, she called it a dirty word.

"She not did anything yet disrespect us, my sexuality is not a dirty word.", she said.

 "I've been undergoing my comments, as I wish to make something very clear, I never claimed that lesbian was a dirty word, never ever would state that it's a dirty word since it is not,"

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