Khloe Kardashian soon to be a mom of two children

Khloe and True are overjoyed to have a new baby join their family.

The source said that True is "above and beyond ecstatic" about having a big sister. She's been eagerly awaiting a sibling for a very long time.

White Lightning

Khloe is quite excited about having another baby, despite the controversy involving the child's father, Tristan Thompson.

Primarily because she is eager to become a parent once more and to give True a sibling.

A representative for Khloe has revealed that she and Tristan will have a surrogate baby.

The pregnancy, which is said to be a boy, took place in November.

Tristan has been expressing excitement to pals about the impending arrival, who is most likely coming in August, according to a source.

The connection between Khloe and Tristan is strained, but it is still bearable at this stage. Khloe and Tristan communicate well and agree to work together on True's behalf rather than as a pair.

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