Kim Kardashian reveals what she has done to her face, as well as what she has not done.

When it comes to her beauty regimen, Kim Kardashian is giving fans a chance to keep up with the truth.

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The reality actress and mother of four dispels some myths about what she has and hasn't done to her face cosmetically in a new interview with Allure.

"I've never had cheek fillers. I've never had lip fillers "She declares.

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Moreover, she has never used eyelash extensions.

"I'm receiving laser therapy." she said

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There are so many various types of beauty ideals, whether it's Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez, or Gwen Stefani. The style was all blonde waifs when I was a teenager.

Be authentic and see the beauty in everything. This is just a great thing said by the actress

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Although I will continue to strive for excellence as I get older, there comes a time when you realise that your health comes first.

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