Lizzo mimics Kim Kardashian by Dressing a Balenciaga Caution Tape.

Lizzo is acting recklessly like Kim Kardashian in her most recent Balenciaga ensemble!

Lizzo posted a video of herself attempting to perform the trending "About Damn Time" TikTok dance while sporting the restraints.

White Lightning

Lizzo is literally covered in yellow Balenciaga caution tape.

"I'm an absurd human... The artist captioned the video, "JUST STREAM 'ABOUT DAMN TIME' AND DONT ASK ANY QUESTIONS.

The "Truth Hurts" singer struggles to move her arms, but she is able to turn her body slightly at the end of the video to "show off the amazing."

Lizzo donned the outfit for her most recent cover appearance in Elle UK

This look has been observed by people all around the world before by Kim Kardashian.

Yellow tape covered Kim, 41, from the neck down and curled around her boots.

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