Macy Gray protects Transgender Comments Made During Piers Morgan Interview: 'Lady Is a Title That You Earn'

Macy Gray is multiplying down on remarks made about transsexual ladies during a new meeting with Piers Morgan.

Gray talked about her questionable considerations on changing the American banner and her severe meaning of who can be viewed as a lady

Grey remained by her remarks. "Reboot the constitution, the banner… All the old principles that our predecessors lived by were ideal for the time they lived in, yet we're in an alternate time

She said to Morgan "As far as I might be concerned, what the States in all actuality do best is variety, is culture. You understand what I mean? Without culture in America you truly don't have a lot going on."

Morgan kept on shielding the American banner and said he has one with 34 stars from the Civil War period hanging in his office, looks at it as a "blending token" and doesn't contemplate white individuals when he sees it.

Morgan guaranteed "most individuals of note are excessively panicked to try and get out whatever they think a lady is" and requested that Gray characterize a lady.

Morgan then raised creator J.K. Rowling's comparably dubious remarks about orientation personality and told Gray she could get "went after" and "mishandled" by "a drop culture crowd" following the meeting.

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