Mandy Moore Discloses She'll Give Birth Without an Epidural As A Result Of Rare Blood Disorder

Mandy Moore has actually exposed that an uncommon blood condition will certainly prevent her from taking an epidural when she gives birth to her second kid later on this loss.

She deals with an autoimmune problem known as immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

According to the Mayo Facility, the condition can lead to simple or extreme discoloration and blood loss.

This condition arises from uncommonly reduced levels of platelets (the cells that help embolism).

The 38-year-old starlet confirmed that her platelets "are too low for an epidural."

Adding that she went through the same experience throughout her pregnancy with her currently 1-year-old child, Gus.

" It was dreadful," the actress recalled the experience. "Yet I can do it one more time.

I want drug was a choice-- just the idea of it getting on the table is so good. Yet we'll simply press forth like we did last time.

Mandy Moore opened up concerning preparing to give birth to her second child with spouse Taylor Goldsmith and the tough choice of needing to cancel her scenic tour.

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