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Matt and Ross Duffer on 'Stranger things' set

Duffer brother's series is "stranger things" is a perfect 1980 reminiscence

The most important thing  in the film or movie is to showing the reality of the stage on which movie is to be made. Duffer brother's series is one of the top ideal and accurate view of era on which movie is based.

The stranger things is based on 1980's period and perfectly make the people to live in that era i.. in 1980's reminiscence

The Duffer brother's series mentans this high level of accuracy after the script and whole thing is checked by Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is responsible for maintaining the 1980's span remembrance in "stranger things"

Duffer brother's would frequently need to change the contents of the script of strange things after Ryder truth really look at them. Ryder acted the role of Joyce Byer's in the movie

David Harbour, star of Stranger Things disclose the truth ofreality of 1980's era

David said " She'd tell them, This song actually came out in '85' and you have it in 83. She knew all the minute and tiny details they didn't even know, and they have to change the scripts based on that... It's just knid of epic how wild her mind is and how it goes to all these different corners."

David further explained " The details that define a specific timeare incredibly important to understand the culture of the show, especially when nostagia is a huge element like it in stranger things."