Phoebe Robinson: "I'm thrilled. Just pinching myself, that is. Regarding her new show, "Everything's Trash," I'm incredibly pleased.

Phoebe Robinson, who is thriving as a comedic creative  force of nature from a dope queen to starring writing and executive, producing her own show.

She recently has a talk with Lindsey Davis  about her newest project "Everything's Trash".

White Lightning

The project is currently streaming on theFreeForm, The Walt Disney Company.

She said " Excited, I'm just pinching myself. I'm really happy. It's it's a lot of fun. I mean, you know, I learned a lot being an executive producer."

She further continued, " I just sort of rolling up my sleeves and being involved in so many decision."

She feels really, really cool while working.

The show is about 30 something

In the show she 's kind of struggling financially, may be dating with wrong people or forced to do so. She is really funny with lots of cute clothes and lot of cute wigs.

She said " My dream is to write a romantic comedy that  I can star in. "

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