Ricky Martin Shared Filed protecion order against him on social media

The evidence is shared on social media twitter and instgram in spanish.

The Judge of the court of San Juan lifts the orderset against the singer, Ricky Martin.

This thursday, the petition of the plaintiff seeking enforcement of the temporary protective order issued in July vindicated Ricky Martin.

Jessica Bernal, who was with him and his lawyer, stated that she intended to leave without putting the injuction that he himself asked into effect.

The faith Ricky Martin and his legal team had in the absence of any evidence against him was confirmed by the outcome of the hearing held today.

Martin took part in the precedings virtually and was counselled by attorneys Harry Mansanet, Carmelo Davila and Joaquin Matienzo.

The defence team also clarifies that the case received inaccurate coverage in some parts of the media.

Court stated, " This was always purely and was nothing more than unfortunate allegations of a citizen."

This Friday and Saturday, Ricky Martin will perform at a performance featuring the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the storied Hollywood Bowl.

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