The release of Beyoncé's new album's - lyrics just got more interesting.

On Wednesday, she posted a track list for her new album, "Renaissance," on her Instagram stories.

She posted a picture on Instagram along with some information about the project, which many people assume to be the "Renaissance" album cover.

White Lightning

Beyoncé composed. In a period when not much else was moving, it gave me the freedom and adventure I needed. My goal was to establish a secure environment free from b

The release date for "Renaissance" is July 29.

Sample lyrics of the video shared at instagram of her latest album includes " This is off.

"I'm sleeping real good night. It's taking those clicks, but the whole click snapped."

"There's a whole lot of people in the house trying to smoke withe the yak in your mouth and we're back outside."

"We set you outside, but ain't that outside worldwide hoodie with the mess outside. In case you forgot how you hack outside."

" You won't break. Won't break my soul. everybody. my own."

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