The Wedding Minister of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Las Vegas Wedding tells their kids under 18 to sign the souvenir document

The wedding officiant for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck claimed that the two celebrities had discovered their soul mates in one another.

The pair was married at A Little White Wedding Chapel by Ryan Wolfe, the senior pastor of Grace Christian Center in Las Vegas.

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He said "I am positive they will last after seeing them and the affection they share."

He further continued, 'They will succeed. I think they connected with their soul mates. They really are destined to be together, in my opinion."

The newlyweds, according to Wolfe, had their own vows, and each star's child was there for the unique event.

One of his children and one of her children were present, and they served as witnesses, according to Wolfe.

He further continued, "Now that they must be 18 to serve as a court witness, I enabled their children to sign their memento."

wolfe said, "They signed it, and I then handed it to them. And so, Kenosha [Portis], our coordinator, had to sign the official licence as their official witness."

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