Keyword density

What is keyword density? How it impacts SEO?

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What is keyword density?

Keyword density is basically the frequency at which you mention a keyword or a key phrase in your post. It is basically a kind of on – page optimization.

How does google know about my blog post?

The google bot or any other bots knows about the posts by the keyword density. It is an essential factor to tell google what the blog post is about.

Why we should check keyword density?

If we are using any keyword again and again and want to tell google to forcefully rank that keyword which is against Google’s webmaster guidelines, then it is called keyword stuffing and it can lead to google penalty. So, to avoid any kind of penalty, we should check the density of keyword within the content.

Which formula should you use to determine keyword density?


Keyword density formulaKeyword density formula

For example, let’s say

Total words in a post = 1000

Keyword used in a post = 6

Then keyword density = (6*100)/1000 = 0.6%

The formula comprises of splitting up the keywords, if you are using long tail keywords, I would like you to recommend that you typically use multi – word key phrases. Keyword density is relative to the content you are written. It is relative to the length of the content you are writing. More longer the content of the post, more should be the density of keyword.

What should be the optimal value of keyword density?

Ideal keyword density should be in between 0.5% to 2%. Keyword density should be in this range because overusing it may lead to keyword stuffing. If you are using any keyword 2 or 3 times in a 500 or 1000 word article, the keyword density will be relatively low and if you are using in a 100-200 word article, the keyword density will be relatively high.

How to resolve keyword stuffing?

If keyword density exceeds it can lead to penalty. To resolve keyword stuffing, you should not use the same keyword but you can use different i.e. any similar or different variations can be used. For example, if you are using the word “net” than in place of “net” you can use “internet”, or “web” etc.

How to determine keyword density in your blog Post?

Their are basically two methods for determining keyword density in our blog post:-

Method 1 :

This method is a manual method requires manual copying of main content into the ms word document, their you will find total words. Then click on navigation type your keywords, then you will fing the number of times a particular keyword comes in a post. It is a manual process requires hard work and takes time. Also its value is exact.

Method 2:-

This method comprises of using online free tool available on the internet, for keyword density checker. Just go to keyword density checker and type in the url of your blog posts and click on check density.

Keyword density checker

You have the option to include multiple keywords and also to include or not keywords in meta tags, titles, alt titles for keyword density checker.

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